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The Story Of
Two Tails CrossFit...

Two Tails CrossFit Witham is a fresh new CrossFit box. Our Witham gym and its sister in Wickford aim to make members and their journey our top priority. We offer much more than a bog-standard gym membership to those who are serious about getting in the best shape of their lives!


Here's the story behind the name, from our founder Dean: 

In 2004, an 8-week-old Albert entered my life, and two years later, he was joined by little Jimmy.
Albert was a constant ball of energy who loved to run, jump and play endlessly, and Jimmy loved trying to keep up with him. Despite Albert lacking opposable thumbs, he was an avid weightlifter… Just kidding! But he did often pull a muscle or more as a result of over-exuberance! Jimmy, on the other hand, was the chalk to Albert's cheese, and could best be described as a nap enthusiast!

Over the years, Albert and Jimmy became my best pals and true sidekicks, until just before Albert's 15th birthday, when a routine check-up showed that - despite otherwise good health - his liver was failing him. Tragically, it was a battle he wasn’t going to win, so in June 2019, we went for our final walk in his favourite park. 

The phrase 'a dog with two tails' nods to the belief that a wagging tail is a sign of pure happiness and pleasure - and that's what Albert brought to my life, and those who knew him.


I wanted his legacy to live on, and what better way to remember my best pal than by naming this gym after him and his best mate, Jimmy! So, in their honour, Two Tails CrossFit was born – here’s to you both!

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